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Convertible top repair

Convertible top not working? Whether your car is an XJS, XK8, XK or F-type, here at Gables Cats we are equipped with the experience and tools to diagnose and repair your convertible top.

Many things can go wrong with these complicated mechanisms: a leaking hose, warning messages, a bad pump, even a bad computer.

Sometimes the mechanism gets stuck because the computer doesn't get the proper data from the sensors in the system. We have the factory scan tool to diagnose this kind of problem.

Top won't come up? Sometimes the solution is as simple as a reset with the factory tool. Sometimes the problem is more complicated, for example, the hydraulic pump went out. We understand that money is a concern for all of us and we can refer you to a company that rebuilds them to save you money.

This systems are complicated and have grown to be more complicated as cars need to meet higher performance and comfort demands to compete in the modern market. A specialist that understands this systems and has access to the factory manuals is crucial for a proper, one-time fix. Here at Gables Cats we have access to Jaguar's online technical manuals and Rickie's 20 years of experience will save you time and money.